Donald Gorman Wrongful Secrets

Donald Gorman, author of Wrongful Secrets
Donald Gorman was born in Albany, NY on September 25, 1961. He grew up in the nearby small town of East Greenbush. He attended Columbia High School and graduated in 1979. He now works for The State, and resides in upstate NY. His fascination with the horror genre began at an early age while watching slasher movies in the ‘70s. He has been known to say, "I find the swift, blinding, gratuitous violence and carnage very soothing and relaxing. Nothing calms me down after a long hard day better than senseless bloodshed...and lots of it!" But, he’s probably just kidding. His other six books with Authorhouse offer more proof of his commitment to the grotesque and morbid hostility. Be sure to look into: The Brick Mirror, The Waters of Satan’s Creek, Macabre Astrology, A Grave in Autumn, Deliciously Evil: A Cookbook for Killers, and The Red Veil. We all hope he will be scaring us for many years to come.